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New CD released!!

Order it now from: Thommy Andersson, Barnstensvagen 44, 24634 Loddekopinge, SWEDEN

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Order alternative 1.
1. The CD Midnight "live" (see picture front page and back page of the CD)

Order alternative 2.
2. The CD Midnight "live" incl. The backing CD Midnight "live" (One of us is missing..)
Send us an e-mail and we promise to get back to you with an offer as quick as possible!

Shipping charge not included.

Click on the titles for a demo!

1. Outdigo
2. Atlantis
3. Every Little Thing
4. The Violents Medley (No link for listening)
5. Ebb Tide
6. Telstar
7. Valencia
8. Flowers
9. Moonlight Shadow
10. The Magic Doll
11. Home Free
12. Jessica
13. Sound of Silence
14. Diamonds
15. Petite Fleur
16. Ocean Boy
17. Big Boy
18. The Spotnicks Medley (No link for listening)

Midnight also appears on the following CDs:
Midnight has contributed, along with several other artists and groups, on a recently released CD in the series: "Nordic Guitars", namely "Nordic Guitars vol.7". To order your own copy, please visit: Carelia Records