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Thommy Andersson Bass Guitar, vocal. Thommy has been playing in many different groups since the age of 14. He started his career playing “upright bass” in a jazz-band. In the beginning of the 60´s he started playing music influenced by The Shadows and The Spotnicks on a Fender Precision Bass. If you like to know more and/or get in contact with Midnight, please contact Thommy! (+4646706893 or +46733706893). E-mail:

Jan-Inge "Salle" Sahlin Lead Guitar, vocal. Salle is almost a full time musician and he sharing his interest for the Shadow music with backing jobs in the country music genre. When famous country artists visit Scandinavia you probably find Jan-Inge in the backing-line. Jan-Inge playing a Fender Strat connected to a Vox AC 30 amp. The back sound is an Alesis Q2 together with different other sound equipment.

Lars Lundberg Drums, Lars is a former full time musician with tons of musical knowledge. He’s got his long experience from playing in different groups touring a round in Scandinavia. Lars is playing on different drum kits, depending on the music style he like to play.

Ulf Lindemark Rhythm Guitar. Ulf knows a lot about instrumental music and the different groups from the 60`s. It was Ulf proposed the name “Midnight” when the group started in the beginning of -99. Ulf:s gear is a Fiesta red Fender Strat, a white Burns Marvin and a Fender Jaguar. The amp is of course a Vox AC 30.

Christer Nimtoft Our newest member. Christer is the lead singer in Midnight sins the beginning of 2011. He has played different kind of music in different groups sins the beginning of the 70´s. Christer also plays acoustic guitar and ukulele.